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To systematically review studies about the quality of life (QOL) of children with various mental disorders relative to healthy controls and to describe limitations in these studies. Relevant articles were searched using different databases, by checking reference lists and contacting experts. We included articles that either compared children with mental(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to investigate attitudes towards the donation of surplus embryos among couples with cryopreserved embryos/zygotes, and to identify correlates associated with attitudes toward the destinations of surplus embryos/zygotes. METHODS Eleven of 19 Swiss in vitro fertilization (IVF) centers in existence in 2004(More)
The study aimed to identify different patterns of gambling activities (PGAs) and to investigate how PGAs differed in gambling problems, substance use outcomes, personality traits and coping strategies. A representative sample of 4989 young Swiss males completed a questionnaire assessing seven distinct gambling activities, gambling problems, substance use(More)
There are a limited number of epidemiological studies that have focused on trauma exposure and prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in representative general population samples of adolescents, especially outside of the United States. We therefore aimed to assess the lifetime prevalence of traumatic events (TEs) and current prevalence of PTSD,(More)
BACKGROUND Children with mental health problems have been neglected in health-related quality of life (HRQOL) studies. Therefore, the aims of the current study were 1) to assess the influence of the presence of mental or physical health problems on HRQOL; and 2) to analyze the effects of item overlap between mental health problems and HRQOL-measurements. (More)
OBJECTIVE Heavy alcohol use is widespread among college students, particularly in those social situations where the risk of rape rises. Few studies have provided information on rapes of college women that occur when they are intoxicated. The purpose of the present study was to present prevalence data for rape under the condition of intoxication when the(More)
PURPOSE Child sexual abuse (CSA) is one of the most serious public health problems among children and adolescents, owing to its widespread prevalence and serious health consequences. The present study aimed to assess the prevalence of, and characteristics and circumstances associated with, CSA. METHODS An epidemiological survey was conducted on a(More)
PURPOSE Little is known regarding cannabis administration routes for nonmedical use-that is, its delivery methods (e.g., joints, water pipe, food). Therefore, we examined the prevalence rates of different cannabis delivery methods and assessed the relationship of the distinct administration routes with problematic drug use. Subgroups of cannabis users were(More)
BACKGROUND Although child sexual abuse (CSA) is considered to be a significant health risk, there is no systematic overview of studies that have investigated the prevalence of CSA in Switzerland. OBJECTIVES To conduct a systematic review of studies on the prevalence of CSA in Switzerland. METHODS A literature search was conducted using several online(More)
In conducting epidemiological surveys of children in Switzerland, it is often very difficult to recruit large, representative community samples. To date, most large epidemiological surveys on children have used convenience samples, like school children (Jeannin et al. 2005); (Kuntsche and Kuendig 2006); (Steinhausen et al. 1998). One major limitation of(More)