Meichun Liu

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Common spatial pattern algorithm (CSP) is famous for extracting ERD/ERS feature from multi-channel BCIs based on motor imagery. However, if channel number is large, CSP will tend to overfitting and it is inconvenient for clinical operation. In this study, CSP filters' discrimination and channel number are integrated under one roof. Then binary particle(More)
This paper aims to classify Mandarin verbs of emotion by adopting a frame-based (Fillmore & Atkins 1992) and corpus-based approach, and propose that there should be a more distinct schema than the structure of frames in FrameNet ( ~FrameNet/). We start with exploring equivalents of the English verbs of the emotion domain in(More)
A simple and label-free electrochemical aptasensor was developed for detecting 17β-estradiol (E2). To translate the binding events between aptamer and E2 into the measurable electrochemical signal, the nickel hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles (NiHCF NPs) as signal probe was in situ introduced on the electrode by a simple two-step deposition method, exhibiting(More)
Ontology has become increasingly important in lexical semantics and language processing. Researchers also aim at constructing a universal linking network to represent human knowledge. By taking verbs of communication as an example, we discuss problems connecting a verbal domain ontology and an upper level ontology. The taxonomies of the communication domain(More)
Capturing the semantic interaction of pairs of words across arguments and proper argument representation are both crucial issues in implicit discourse relation recognition. The current state-ofthe-art represents arguments as distributional vectors that are computed via bi-directional Long Short-Term Memory networks (BiLSTMs), known to have significant model(More)
Focusing on the unclear distribution of the recorded Electroencephalogram (EEG) data and the relative inadequate of training data in brain-computer interface (BCI), a novel approach, called as adapting discriminative spatial filter (ADSF), is proposed for the extraction of movement related potentials (MRPs) features. ADSF searches for the optional(More)