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Common spatial pattern algorithm (CSP) is famous for extracting ERD/ERS feature from multi-channel BCIs based on motor imagery. However, if channel number is large, CSP will tend to overfitting and it is inconvenient for clinical operation. In this study, CSP filters' discrimination and channel number are integrated under one roof. Then binary particle(More)
This paper explores the issues of force dynamics raised in Talmy (2000) by investigating the social interaction verbs (SIVs) in Mandarin. The ways physical entities interact with each other in terms of force relations provide the conceptual bases for various causative relations. According to Talmy, forced dynamics as a semantic category exhibits a(More)
—Focusing on the unclear distribution of the recorded Electroencephalogram (EEG) data and the relative inadequate of training data in brain-computer interface (BCI), a novel approach, called as adapting discriminative spatial filter (ADSF), is proposed for the extraction of movement related potentials (MRPs) features. ADSF searches for the optional(More)
This paper argues for the inclusion of constructional inferences in semantic representation of verbs. By examining the transitive pattern of the Mandarin verb GA N (趕) 'rush', it is found that verbal semantics can only be adequately represented if constructionally coerced information is taken into consideration. The construction [GA N + NP] renders specific(More)