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(±)-Pestalachloride D, an Antibacterial Racemate of Chlorinated Benzophenone Derivative from a Soft Coral-Derived Fungus Pestalotiopsis sp
A new antibacterial chlorinated benzophenone derivative, (±)-pestalachloride D (1), along with a related analog, (±)-pestalachloride C (2), was recently isolated from the marine-derived fungusExpand
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Antibacterial anthraquinone derivatives from a sea anemone-derived fungus Nigrospora sp.
Chemical investigation of a marine-derived fungus Nigrospora sp., isolated from an unidentified sea anemone, yielded two new hydroanthraquinone analogues, 4a-epi-9α-methoxydihydrodeoxybostrycin (1)Expand
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Potent antifouling resorcylic acid lactones from the gorgonian-derived fungus Cochliobolus lunatus.
  • C. Shao, H. Wu, +8 authors Y. Lin
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of natural products
  • 24 February 2011
Three new 14-membered resorcylic acid lactones, two with a rare natural acetonide group and one with a 5-chloro-substituted lactone, named cochliomycins A-C (1-3), together with four known analogues,Expand
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Five Sesquiterpenoids from a Marine-Derived Fungus Aspergillus sp. Isolated from a Gorgonian Dichotella gemmacea
Three new phenolic bisabolane-type sesquiterpenoids: (+)-methyl sydowate (1), 7-deoxy-7,14-didehydrosydonic acid (2), and 7-deoxy-7,8-didehydrosydonic acid (3), together with two known fungalExpand
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Isolation, resolution and biological evaluation of pestalachlorides E and F containing both point and axial chirality
Marine life forms are an important source of structurally diverse and biologically active natural products. As a unique case of both enantiomeric and atropisomeric isomers being present in one marineExpand
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Aspergilones A and B, two benzylazaphilones with an unprecedented carbon skeleton from the gorgonian-derived fungus Aspergillus sp.
Two novel benzylazaphilone derivatives with an unprecedented carbon skeleton, aspergilone A (1), and its symmetrical dimer with a unique methylene bridge, aspergilone B (2), have been isolated fromExpand
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Penicinoline, a new pyrrolyl 4-quinolinone alkaloid with an unprecedented ring system from an endophytic fungus Penicillium sp.
A new pyrrolyl 4-quinolinone alkaloid with an unprecedented ring system, named penicinoline (1) was isolated from a mangrove endophytic fungus. The structure of 1 was elucidated by spectroscopicExpand
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Isolation, structure elucidation, crystal structure, and biological activity of a marine natural alkaloid, viridicatol
0009-3130/11/4702-0322 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. 1) School of Pharmacy, Guangdong Medical College, Dongguan, 523808, P. R. China; 2) Key Laboratory for the Chemistry and MolecularExpand
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Potent Antifouling Marine Dihydroquinolin-2(1H)-one-Containing Alkaloids from the Gorgonian Coral-Derived Fungus Scopulariopsis sp.
Marine biofouling has a major economic impact, especially when it occurs on ship hulls or aquaculture facilities. Since the International Maritime Organization (IMO) treaty to ban the application ofExpand
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Preparation, Structure, and Potent Antifouling Activity of Sclerotioramine Derivatives
A series of 30 sclerotioramine derivatives (2–31) of the natural compound, (+)-sclerotiorin (1), has been successfully semi-synthesized by a one-step reaction with high yields (up to 80%). TheExpand
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