Mei-xiong Huang

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OBJECTIVE To compare the effect of laparoscopic radical operation and open operation on systemic immunity in patients with colorectal cancer. METHODS Sixty patients with colorectal cancer were randomly divided into laparoscopic and open operation groups from March 2004 to December 2004, each group had 30 cases. CRP, IgA, IgM, IgG, CD3 (+) cells, CD4 (+)(More)
AIM To investigate the effects of integrin-linked kinase (ILK) on gastric cancer cells both in vitro and in vivo. METHODS ILK small interfering RNA (siRNA) was transfected into human gastric cancer BGC-823 cells and ILK expression was monitored by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction, Western blotting analysis and immunocytochemistry. Cell(More)
Few-mode fibers (FMFs) are used for the first time to transmit over 5000 km. Ten WDM channels with 50GHz channel spacing at 112 Gb/s per channel using PDM-QPSK are launched into the fundamental mode of the FMFs by splicing single-mode fibers directly to the FMFs. Even though few-mode fibers can support an additional spatial mode LP(11) at 1550 nm, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the operative rate and reoperative rate of Crohn disease(CD) in China, and to assess the relative risk factors indicating surgical treatment in CD patients. METHODS Data of initial operation and reoperation were evaluated retrospectively in a cohort of 142 patients with CD. The influence of concomitant risk factors was assessed using(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the feasibility of laparoscopic with extralevator abdominoperineal excision (LELAPE group) for low rectal cancer. METHODS From June 2011 to January 2013, 35 patients with low rectal cancer undergoing laparoscopic abdominoperineal excision at the Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Beijing Hospital were analyzed retrospectively.(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The study's aim was to assess the impact of the PET/CT on the therapeutic strategy of the patients with colorectal cancer metastasis. METHODOLOGY Fifteen patients who were suspicious of postoperative colorectal cancer metastasis were included in the study. Each patient received a positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT)(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect and mechanism of FTY720 on acute graft versus host disease (GVHD) in rat small bowel transplantation (SBTx). METHODS Heterotopic SBTx was performed using a parent (WF)-into-F1 (WFxACI) rat combination. Recipient rats were divided into experimental group (n=6) and control group (n=6). Rats in the experimental group were(More)
We investigate the feasibility of achieving practical phase modulation by changing only the absorption of the device. We present a spatial light modulator that consists of a three-mirror cavity with lossy slabs inserted between the mirrors. When only the absorption of these slabs is changed, this device can have a gradual change in phase, but no intensity(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the alternation and significance of CD4(+)CD45RA(+) T cells and CD4(+)CD45RO(+) T cells in peripheral blood of colorectal cancer patients. METHODS The expression of CD4(+) T cells, CD4(+)CD45RA(+) T cells and CD4(+)CD45RO(+) T cells in peripheral blood of 60 colorectal cancer patients were detected with flow cytometry(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the anti-tumor effect of intraportal administration of Adv-p53 in the treatment of the liver metastasis in mice. METHODS 2 x 10(5) of MCA-205 cells were injected into the mouse portal vein to establish a murine liver metastasis model. The spleen was transpositioned subcutaneously to enable the administration of Adv-p53 continually(More)
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