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Previous research has shown that trait concepts and stereotype become active automatically in the presence of relevant behavior or stereotyped-group features. Through the use of the same priming procedures as in previous impression formation research, Experiment 1 showed that participants whose concept of rudeness was printed interrupted the experimenter(More)
To elucidate the functions of the serine/threonine kinase Akt/PKB in vivo, we generated mice lacking both akt1 and akt2 genes. Akt1/Akt2 double-knockout (DKO) mice exhibit severe growth deficiency and die shortly after birth. These mice display impaired skin development because of a proliferation defect, severe skeletal muscle atrophy because of a marked(More)
Akt deficiency causes resistance to replicative senescence, to oxidative stress- and oncogenic Ras-induced premature senescence, and to reactive oxygen species (ROS)-mediated apoptosis. Akt activation induces premature senescence and sensitizes cells to ROS-mediated apoptosis by increasing intracellular ROS through increased oxygen consumption and by(More)
The tumor suppressor PTEN is frequently inactivated in human cancers. A major downstream effector of PTEN is Akt, which is hyperactivated via PTEN inactivation. It is not known, however, whether diminished Akt activity is sufficient to inhibit tumorigenesis initiated by Pten deficiency. Here we showed that the deficiency of Akt1 is sufficient to(More)
Phenotypic analyses of mice null for the individual Akt isoforms suggested that they are functionally distinct and that only Akt2 plays a role in diabetes. We show here that Akt isoforms play compensatory and complementary roles in glucose homeostasis and diabetes. Insulin resistance in Akt2(-/-) mice was inhibited by haplodeficiency of Pten, suggesting(More)
Cancer patients can harbor significant numbers of CD8 and CD4 T cells with specificities to tumor antigens (Ags). Yet, in most cases, such T cells fail to eradicate the tumor in vivo. Here, we investigated the interference of Ag-specific CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T cells (Treg) with the tumor-specific CD8 T cell immune response in vivo, by monitoring the(More)
Although CD8+ Treg-mediated suppression has been described, CD8+ Treg remain poorly characterized. Here we identify a novel subset of CD8+ Treg that express latency-associated peptide (LAP) on their cell surface (CD8+LAP+ cells) and exhibit regulatory activity in vitro and in vivo. Only a small fraction of CD8+LAP+ cells express Foxp3 or CD25, although the(More)
Levels of inbreeding depression, outcrossing rates, and phenotypic patterns of resource allocation were studied to examine their relative importance in the maintenance of high numbers of females in gynodioecious Schiedea adamantis (Caryophyllaceae), an endemic Hawaiian shrub found in a single population on Diamond Head Crater, Oahu. In studies of inbreeding(More)
To determine the distribution and antimicrobial drug resistance in bacterial pathogens causing nosocomial infections, surveillance data on nosocomial infections documented from 1981 to 1999 at National Taiwan University Hospital were analyzed. During this period, 35,580 bacterial pathogens causing nosocomial infections were identified. Candida species(More)
The purpose of the study was to develop and preliminarily test the feasibility, validity, reliability, and factor structures of the Pain Opioid Analgesics Beliefs Scale-Cancer (POABS-CA) in hospitalized adults diagnosed with cancer in Taiwan. This scale was developed in three phases. In Phase I, item development was based on qualitative analysis as well as(More)