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Telomere dysfunction is believed to be a significant factor in carcinogenesis. To elucidate the carcinogenesis mechanism in gastric cancer, the expression of telomeric proteins and changes in telomere length were investigated during multistage carcinogenesis of gastric cancer. Tissue samples were obtained during surgical operations from the normal gastric(More)
BACKGROUND The majority of beta-defensin family members are exclusively expressed in the epididymis, and some members have been shown to play essential roles in sperm maturation and fertility in rats, mice and humans. Therefore, beta-defensins are hypothesized to be potential targets for contraception and infertility diagnosis and treatment. Clarifying the(More)
It is generally accepted that PIWI proteins are predominately expressed in the germline but absent in somatic tissues. Their best-characterized role is to suppress transposon expression, which ensures genomic stability in the germline. However, increasing evidence has suggested that PIWI proteins are linked to the hallmarks of cancer defined by Weinberg and(More)
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