Mei Zhen Sun

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Biodiversity of mangrove ecosystems is difficult to assess, at least partly due to lack of genetic verification of morphology-based documentation of species. Natural hybridization, on the one hand, plays an important role in evolution as a source of novel gene combinations and a mechanism of speciation. However, on the other hand, recurrent introgression(More)
Mangroves are key components of coastal ecosystems in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. However, the patterns and mechanisms of modern distribution of mangroves are still not well understood. Historical vicariance and dispersal are two hypothetic biogeographic processes in shaping the patterns of present-day species distributions. Here we(More)
Starch physicochemical properties strongly influence eating and cooking quality of rice. The cleaved amplified polymorphic sequences, derived CAPS, and InDel markers for 13 starch synthesis-related genes (SSRGs) were developed, and together with markers developed before, there are 35 markers tagged for 23 SSRGs, with each gene tagged with at least one(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of the efficacy of add-on valproate (VPA) or primidone (PRM) in patients with partial epilepsy unresponsive to carbamazepine (CBZ). METHODS The trial was prospective and open. Patients, aged 8-58 years, with partial epilepsy who did not become seizure free on CBZ were randomized to either VPA add-on or PRM add-on. The baseline period(More)
Rhizophora species are the most widely distributed mangrove trees in the Indo-West Pacific (IWP) region. Comparative studies of these species with shared life history traits can help identify evolutionary factors that have played most important roles in determining genetic diversity within and between populations in ocean-current dispersed mangrove tree(More)
Bimetallic gold-ruthenium microrods are propelled in opposite directions in water by ultrasound and by catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. This property was used to effect reversible swarming, to stall and reverse autonomous axial propulsion, and to study the chemically powered movement of acoustically levitated microrods.
The pericarp of cereal crops is considered a photosynthetically active tissue. Although extensive studies have been performed on green leaves, the photosynthetic role of the pericarp in cereal caryopsis development has not been well investigated. In the present study, we investigated the anatomy, ultrastructure, chlorophyll (Chl) fluorescence, and oxygen(More)
We propose to measure the electroproduction of J/Ψ meson cross section off a proton near threshold (4.05 GeV < W < 4.45 GeV and |t − t min | < 2.5 GeV 2) with an 11 GeV electron beam. The high luminosity JLab 12 GeV upgrade electron beam combined with the large acceptance device SoLID in Hall A allow for a fully exclusive measurement of this process near(More)
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