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The status of MAPK cascades contributes to the induction and activation of Gata4 and Nkx2.5 during the stepwise process of cardiac differentiation.
The results indicated that the induction and activation of Gata4 and Nkx2.5 during early- and late-stage cardiac differentiation was closely associated with the function of the MAPK signaling cascades. Expand
Effect of pEgr-TNFalpha gene radiotherapy on mice melanoma.
It is concluded that pEgr-TNFalpha gene radiotherapy may significantly inhibit tumour growth, and that the anti-melanoma effect is superior to that of either gene therapy or radiotherapy alone. Expand
Effect of pEgr-TNF&agr; gene radiotherapy on mice melanoma
In the present study, we constructed a pEgr-tumour necrosis factor-&agr; (TNF&agr;) plasmid and investigated its expression properties in B16 cells on exposure to ionizing irradiation and,Expand
Cloning and sequencing of mouse IFN--#gamma# and construction of radiation--inducible expression plasmid pIRESEgr--IFN#gamma#
The sequencing proved the cloned mouse IFNγ cDNA to be completely identical with that reported in the literature and the radiation inducible expression plasmid pIRESEgr IFnγ containing Egr 1 promoter was constructed successfully. Expand