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The e-government system faced the multi-level security threat, which has influenced the exertion of the systematic function of the e-government. This paper analyzed the security demand for the e-government system separately from the physical layer, network layer, system layer, using layer and administration layer; introduced the method model that the(More)
Let Φ(t) and Ψ(t) be nonnegative convex functions, and let φ and ψ be the right continuous derivatives of Φ and Ψ, respectively. In this paper, we prove the equivalence of the following three conditions: (i) ‖f∗‖Φ ≤ c‖f‖Ψ, (ii) LΨ ⊆ HΦ and (iii) ∫ t s0 φ(s) s ds ≤ cψ(ct), ∀t > s0, where LΨ and HΦ are the Orlicz martingale spaces. As a corollary, we get a(More)
We study the spacesH p, Sp, Kp, Σ p and of martingales with measure du=ϕd∪, where ϕ is a function with Clifford algebra values and satisfiesb p + -condition. We proved they are equivalent and isomorphic to the corresponding spaces of martingales with real measure d∪, respectively (1≤p<∞). In the end, we give a martingalef such that .
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