Mei-Ling Lin

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Background. Persistent Helicobacter pylori infection may induce several upper gastrointestinal diseases. Two major virulence factors of H. pylori, vacuolating cytotoxin A (VacA) and cytotoxin-associated gene A (CagA), are thought to be associated with the severity of disease progression. The distribution of vacA and cag-pathogenicity island (cag-PAI)(More)
Corrosive injury results from the intake of corrosive-acid-based chemicals. However, this phenomenon is limited to a small number of cases and cannot be extrapolated to the epidemiology of corrosive injuries in actual situations. This study focuses on the annual incidence of corrosive injury and its connection to gender, risk factors, and in-hospital(More)
2. Shallow ground water table detector with microwave sensors. (patent) 3. Landslide mechanism and movement of clay colluviums in the Shi-Men Reservoir watershed area 4. Stability and deformation analyses of geocells reinforced retaining structures 5. Effect of rainfall intensity on the stability of slopes with different geological characteristics 6. The(More)
This study was designed to explore Taiwanese school students' attitudes toward sexual relationships and premarital sex. This was an exploratory descriptive, qualitative study. Focus groups (N = 8) were conducted with 47 adolescents from three high schools in Taiwan. Transcripts were transcribed and thematically analyzed using Atlas V 5.0. Adolescent(More)
This paper proposed a new visual secret sharing method. The property of visual secret sharing in reversible style is that it can be applied without depending on any computing If one stacks two transparencies together straightforwardly, a secret image will appear. Stacking two transparencies after reversing one of the transparencies, another secret image(More)
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