Mei-Ling Hong

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The crab-eating frog, Fejervarya cancrivora, is the only frog that lives near seas. It tolerates increased environmental concentrations of sodium, chloride and potassium partly by raising ion and urea levels in its blood plasma. The molecular mechanism of the adaptation remains rarely documented. Herein, we analyze transcriptomes of the crab-eating frog and(More)
In the presence of 20 mol% of chiral catalytic complex prepared from In(OTf)3 and chiral PYBOX, allyltributylstannane reacted with achiral ketones to afford the corresponding homoallylic alcohols in moderate to high enantioselectivities (54-95% ee), which constitutes the first example of enantioselective allylation of ketones catalyzed by the chiral(More)
In the service (or manufacturing) industry, process capability indices (PCIs) are utilized to assess whether product quality meets a required level. The lifetime performance index (or the larger-the-better PCI) L C is frequently used to measure the potential and performance of a process, where L is the lower specification limit. And, progressively censoring(More)
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