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OBJECTIVES To investigate the cost effectiveness of intravenous ketorolac compared with intravenous morphine in relieving pain after blunt limb injury in an accident and emergency department. DESIGN Double blind, randomised, controlled study and cost consequences analysis. SETTING Emergency department of a university hospital in the New Territories of(More)
A 32-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis who developed non-injection-site-related fixed drug eruption with interferon-beta-1b. Erythematous plaques started appearing 1 month after the drug was introduced, and increased in number following each administration. The histopathology of a skin biopsy was consistent with fixed drug eruption. The drug was(More)
On clinical grounds, ulcers of the leg of vascular origin can fairly easily be separated into venous and arterial origins; 85% of ulcers of the leg are caused by venous insufficiency. The ulcers occur mainly around the medial malleolus, are covered by moist granulation tissue, and are surrounded by varying degrees of stasis dermatitis and brown hemosiderin(More)
A 44-year-old woman with occupational allergic contact dermatitis to Shiitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes), sawdust and thiuram. She presented with an 8-month history of hand and face dermatitis that developed after working for 2.5 years in a mushroom farm. Within 3 months of ceasing work at the farm, her symptoms resolved completely.
Phaeohyphomycosis, an infection characterised by dematiaceous yeast-like cells, hyphae and pseudohyphae in tissue, is an uncommon condition, often affecting immunosuppressed patients. A sixty four year old boat-builder, receiving treatment with prednisone and azathioprine developed multiple cutaneous nodules on the extremities. Histology showed a mixed(More)
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