Mei Kay Lee

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Body segment parameters (BSP) are essential input for the computations in kinetics of motion applied in the field of biomechanics. These data are usually obtained from population-specific predictive equations which present limitations in being representative of the population under study. More recently, medical imaging techniques have been adopted but are(More)
We address the volumetric reconstruction problem that takes as input a series of orthographic multi-energy X-ray images, producing as output a reconstructed model space consisting of uniform-size mass density voxels. Our approach solves the non-linear constrained optimization for mulation problem by constructing a compliant estimate of volumetric(More)
Organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology uses substances that emit red, green, blue or white light. An OLED panel consists of stacks of several thin layers of different materials, as such it is not easy to inspect the common OLED defects. In this paper, an autooptical inspection (AOI) system which can detect such defects effectively and robustly was(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel two-level regression method for computing body mass distribution from a database of X-ray images, without scanning the new subject. Our approach first selects a suitable sample from the image database by minimizing a distance function based on the relationships between the new subject's body measurements and those of sample(More)
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