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OBJECTIVE To investigate the influence of varicocele (VC) on semen parameters and the concentration of inhibin B in the serum and seminal plasma of VC men. METHODS We collected semen and peripheral blood samples from 95 infertile VC patients and 55 normal fertile men. We performed semen routine examination by computer-assisted semen analysis and sperm(More)
The paper proposes a feedback linearization algorithm based on the differential geometry method and design feedback control law to eliminate chaos in system, and let the output of system run on the anticipant tracks. The theoretical analysis result shows the system can track the input signal with feedback control law and can improve tracking velocity by(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the therapeutic effect of digital acupoint pressure for treatment of the nerve root type of cervical spondylosis. METHODS Four hundred cases were randomly divided into a digital acupoint pressure group (DAP group) and a medicine group, 200 cases in each group. Acupoints of Quepen (ST 12), Jianjing (GB 21) and Tianzong (ST 11) etc.(More)
To investigate the function and molecular mechanism of p21(WAF1/Cip-1) expression in MOLT-4 cells induced by HDAC inhibitor TSA, the expression pattern of p21(WAF1/Cip-1) and the distribution of cell cycle in TSA treated cells were analyzed. The results showed that TSA could effectively induce G(2)/M arrest and apoptosis of MOLT-4 cells. Kinetic experiments(More)
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