Mei-Hua Chuang

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Protein-losing enteropathy (PLE) is an uncommon manifestation associated with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Here, a case with SLE and concomitant hypoalbuminemia is reported. Technetium-99m albumin scintigraphy demonstrated a localized lesion in the ascending colon, and the diagnosis of SLE-related PLE was established. Due to a poor response to(More)
Diet is thought to be one of the leading causes of bone mineral loss in aging people. In this study, we explored the potential impact of a vegetarian diet on bone mineral density (BMD) in adult Taiwanese men and women. This was a cross-sectional study of the relationship between diet (vegetarian versus non-vegetarian) and BMD and the incidence of(More)
BACKGROUND One approach to help elderly and low-literacy patients understand instructions for medication use is to use pictographs or pictorial diagrams. However, most of these pictographs are designed by medical professionals and may not be optimal for such patients. OBJECTIVE To compare low-literacy patients with medical staff in dimensions of(More)
This study evaluated the effectiveness of implementation of an improved storage label and an error-reducing process on the incidence of drug-dispensing errors. A total of 27 pharmacists (11 male and 16 female) were included. Questionnaires were distributed to pharmacists to measure their degree of satisfaction with the format and content of the labels. The(More)
Vascular events are one of the major causes of death in case of Cushing's syndrome (CS). However, due to the relative low frequency of CS, it is hard to perform a risk assessment for these events. As represented congestive heart failure (C), hypertension (H), age (A), diabetes (D), and stroke (S), the CHADS2 score is now accepted to classify the risk of(More)
Technetium-99m labeled human serum albumin (Tc-99m HSA) is an important radiopharmaceutical for clinical applications, such as cardiac function tests or protein-losing gastroenteropathy assessment. However, because of transfusion-induced infectious diseases, the safety of serum products is a serious concern. In this context, serum products acquired from(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify factors that affect the self-care behaviour of female high school students with dysmenorrhoea. This cross-sectional study utilized a questionnaire-based survey to understand the self-care behaviour of female high school students dysmenorrhoeal, along with the factors that affect this behaviour. A cluster random(More)
Background: Accurate laboratory studies are essential for accurate diagnosis. However, several factors may affect test results. This study sought to identify the impacts of two different collecting tubes on clinical analysis results. Methods: Glass and plastic collection tubes were used for blood collection in 970 subjects. Two thyroid related hormones,(More)
A recently developed diagnostic tool, trabecular bone score (TBS), can provide quality of trabecular microarchitecture based on images obtained from dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Since patients receiving glucocorticoid are at a higher risk of developing secondary osteoporosis, assessment of bone microarchitecture may be used to evaluate risk of(More)