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Syntheses of aromatic substituted hydrazino-thiazole derivatives to clarify structural characterization and antioxidant activity between 3-arylsydnonyl and aryl substituted hydrazino-thiazoles.
Results of this study demonstrate that not only the thiazole ring and the aryl ring has the contribution to the antioxidant activities, the sydnone ring of 3-arylsydnonyl moiety also has its considerable contribution.
Syntheses of 5-(3-Arylsydnon-4-yl)tetrazole Derivatives
3-Arylsydnone-4-carbohydroximic acid chlorides (1) could react with sodium azide to produce the corresponding 3-arylsydnone-4-carbazidoximes (2), but not 1-hydroxytetrazoles 3. Treatment of
Novel synthesis of palladium (II) complexes derived from 3‐arylsydnone‐4‐carbaldehyde N(4)‐phenylthiosemicarbazones and biological activity
The aim of this research is to investigate whether the oxygen atom O(6) in the sydnone ring of 3‐arylsydnone‐4‐carbaldehyde N(4)‐phenylthiosemicarbazones (HArSYTSCs, 3a–d) is a good electron donor
A concise synthetic method for sydnonyl-substituted pyrazoline derivatives
The pyrazolines have been found to have diverse applications in medicine. They are known to be potent antibiotic or anti-oxidizing agents. Two types of sydnonyl-substituted α,β)-unsaturated ketones