Mei-Fen Chen

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The agonists of imidazoline I-1 receptors (I-1R) are widely used to lower blood pressure. It has been indicated that guanidinium derivatives show an ability to activate imidazoline receptors. Also, allantoin has a chemical stricture similar to guanidinium derivatives. Thus, it is of special interest to characterize the effect of allantoin on I-1R. In(More)
It has been indicated that activation of peripheral imidazoline I2-receptor (I-2R) may reduce the blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs). Also, guanidinium derivatives show the ability to activate imidazoline receptors. Thus, it is of special interest to characterize the I-2R using guanidinium derivatives in blood vessels for development(More)
Lentinus edodes is the medicinal macrofungus showing potential for therapeutic applications in infectious disorders including hepatitis. In an attempt to develop the agent for handling hepatic injury, we used the extracts of Lentinus edodes mycelia (LEM) to screen the effect on hepatic injury in rats induced by carbon tetrachloride (CCl₄). Intraperitoneal(More)
Flash Player is the world's most adopted pervasive software platform of Internet-enabled desktops. Flash movie becomes the universal client that allows educators to deliver effective rich media interactions not only for online courses but also in classroom settings. This paper fosters the development process of creating interactive Flash movies to engage(More)
A novel scheme is proposed to extract characters from dated postcards. The illustrations of the postcards appear in various languages and colors embedded in different backgrounds. Due to reproduction and uneven illumination, these characters suffer a severely degradation and hence extracting characters using conventional methods becomes difficult. A(More)
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