Mei-Dong Lang

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The principal limitations of chemotherapy are dose-limiting systemic toxicity and the development of multidrug-resistant phenotypes. The aim of this study was to investigate the efficiency of a new sustained drug delivery system based on chitosan and ε-caprolactone to overcome multidrug resistance in monolayer and drug resistance associated with the(More)
Targeted drug delivery systems, especially those that use nanoparticles, have been the focus of research into cancer therapy during the last decade, to improve the bioavailability and delivery of anticancer drugs to specific tumor sites, thereby reducing the toxicity and side effects to normal tissues. However, the positive antitumor effects of these(More)
The pharmaceutical properties, including the physical and chemical properties, and the bioavailability are greatly influenced by their polymorphism. In this paper the polymer heteronuclei were used to produce the gabapentin polymorphs that were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction, FT-IR and DSC. The results indicated that the polymer heteronuclei are(More)
Traditional chemotherapeutic drugs remain the major treatment for advanced colorectal cancer. However, due to the lack of tumor specificity these drug also destroy healthy tissue and organs, which has been the main reason for treatment failure and mortality. Folate-based drug delivery systems for improving nanoparticle endocytosis have been used to address(More)
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