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Beryllium in the Environment: A Review
Abstract Beryllium is an important industrial metal because of its unusual material properties: it is lighter than aluminum and six times stronger than steel. Often alloyed with other metals such asExpand
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Sympathy and Punishment: Evolution of Cooperation in Public Goods Game
We show that, if there exists a 'behaviour-based sympathy' that compensates those who punish at a personal cost, the way for the emergence and establishment of punishing behaviour is paved. Expand
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Downscaling and projection of summer rainfall in Eastern China using a nonhomogeneous hidden Markov model
A nonhomogeneous hidden Markov model (NHMM) is used to stochastically simulate summer (June–August) daily precipitations in the middle and low reaches of the Yangtze River in Eastern China, withExpand
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Towards Future Situation-Awareness: A Conceptual Middleware Framework for Opportunistic Situation Identification
We propose a hybrid learning approach to maximize the reasoning accuracy using limited phone's storage space, with the combination of two the-state-the-art techniques. Expand
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Dynamical analysis and passive control of a new 4D chaotic system with multiple attractors
This paper constructs a new 4D chaotic system from the Sprott B system. The system is dissipative, chaotic with two saddle foci. The bifurcation diagrams verify that the system exists multiple attr...
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Classification Algorithm Based on Categorical Data Analysis
Through compares three methods of Standard Deviation mathematical expectation and variance, a classification algorithm based on the Standard Deviation which in the training set is proposed in thisExpand
[Development of dynamic ECG acquisition and recording system: review and prospect].
Dynamic electrocardiography (DCG) or Holter is the best device to detect arrhythmia and can help early detection of some sudden cardiac death risk factors. The acquisition and recording system of theExpand
The heat balance study on regional second-hand commercial residential industry
The paper, starting from the analysis of the second-hand residence transactional type indicator of Tianjin city, through large quantity of statistical work, adopts the method of heating analysisExpand