Mei-Chun Yang

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A prototype chronoamperometric biosensor for the determination of total cholesterol was developed that consists of a homemade potentiostat and disposable strips immobilized with Fe(3)O(4), cholesterol oxidase (ChOx), and cholesterol esterase (ChE). The principle of sensing cholesterol is based on the detection of reduction signal of hydrogen peroxide(More)
This study provides a practical method for production of the antibodies against malachite green (MG) and its primary metabolite leucomalachite green (LMG). Two ELISA kits are constructed with the MG and LMG antibodies for detection of the residual MG and LMG in fish muscle and fishpond water. The detection limit is established at the level of 0.05 microg/L(More)
A class of non-self-adjoint fourth order differential operators with general separated boundary conditions in Weyl’s limit circle case is studied. The dissipation property of the considered operators in L2[a,b) is proven by analysis and by using the characteristic determinant, the completeness of the system of eigenfunctions and associated functions of(More)
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