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Recurrent event data are frequently encountered in longitudinal follow-up studies. In statistical literature, noninformative censoring is typically assumed when statistical methods and theory are developed for analyzing recurrent event data. In many applications, however, the observation of recurrent events could be terminated by informative dropouts or(More)
Recurrent event data are commonly encountered in longitudinal follow-up studies related to biomedical science, econometrics, reliability, and demography. In many studies, recurrent events serve as important measurements for evaluating disease progression, health deterioration, or insurance risk. When analyzing recurrent event data, an independent censoring(More)
IMPORTANCE Risk of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in kidney donors has been compared with risk faced by the general population, but the general population represents an unscreened, high-risk comparator. A comparison to similarly screened healthy nondonors would more properly estimate the sequelae of kidney donation. OBJECTIVES To compare the risk of ESRD(More)
Recurrent event data are frequently encountered in studies with longitudinal designs. Let the recurrence time be the time between two successive recurrent events. Recurrence times can be treated as a type of correlated survival data in statistical analysis. In general, because of the ordinal nature of recurrence times, statistical methods that are(More)
This paper examines MRI analysis of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) in a network of structures within the medial temporal lobe using diffeomorphometry methods coupled with high-field atlasing in which the entorhinal cortex is partitioned into eight subareas. The morphometry markers for three groups of subjects (controls, preclinical AD, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the results of an intervention trial to enhance parents' home-safety practices through pediatric safety counseling, home visits, and an on-site children's safety center where parents receive personalized education and can purchase reduced-cost products. DESIGN Pediatricians were randomized to a standard- or an enhanced-intervention(More)
IMPORTANCE Although previous reports have linked preterm birth with insulin resistance in children and adults, it is not known whether altered insulin homeostasis is detectable at birth and tracks from birth through childhood. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether preterm birth is associated with elevated plasma insulin levels at birth and whether this(More)
This study evaluated the utility of baseline and longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measures of medial temporal lobe brain regions collected when participants were cognitively normal and largely in middle age (mean age 57 years) to predict the time to onset of clinical symptoms associated with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Furthermore, we(More)
CONTEXT Longitudinality (care by a single physician over time) and continuity (receipt of most care from a single physician) are believed to enhance patient-physician relationships and facilitate disclosure of emotional distress, but some studies suggest this potential goes unrealized. OBJECTIVES To determine whether care in a pediatric residents'(More)