Mehtap Yıldız

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The α Cen binary system is a well-known stellar system with very accurate observational constraints to structure of its component stars. In addition to the classical non-seismic constraints, there are also seismic constraints for the interior models of α Cen A and B. These two types of constraint give very different values for the age of the system. While(More)
Okra is an important vegetable crop that provides a significant portion of vitamins and minerals for populations in several countries. Okra has been cultivated in Turkey for centuries, and was likely introduced by the Arabs from Africa in ancient times. In this study, we aimed to clarify the genetic variation within 35 Turkish okra germplasm, by comparing(More)
Lack of requisite genetic variation in Turkish okra has necessitated the use of different types of markers for estimating the genetic diversity and identifying the source of variation. Transposable elements, present abundantly in plant genomes, generate genomic diversity through their replication and are thus an excellent source of molecular markers. We(More)
Solar models through evolutionary phases of gravitational contraction, pre-main sequence and MS phases, up to current age 4.5×109 yr. and 4.57×109 yr., were studied adopting different prescriptions for the equation of state (EOS) and different opacity tables. Old EOS in Ezer’s evolutionary code that we adopted in previous studies includes pressure(More)
The small separation (δν01, δν02 and δν13) between the oscillations with low degree l is dependent primarily on the sound speed profile within the stellar core, where nuclear evolution occurs. The detection of such oscillations for a star offers a very good opportunity to determine the stage of its nuclear evolution, and hence its age. In this context, we(More)
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