Mehtab Alam

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Seventeen cases of invasive aspergillosis occurring since 1987 in apparently immunologically normal hosts have been reviewed: 9 of invasive sinus aspergillosis, 2 of isolated brain abscesses, 3 of pneumonia (1 in a patient who developed mediastinitis), 2 of lymph node aspergillosis, and 1 of osteomyelitis of the foot. Two of the 9 patients with sinus(More)
SUMMARY Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) is increasingly being used in children as it is less invasive compared to endotracheal intubation and causes less discomfort in the postoperative period. However, some concerns remained about its safety during positive pressure ventilation in children. In a prospective randomized trial, 100 ASA I and II children weighing(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency, risk factors, and visual outcome of post traumatic endophthalmitis in children. METHODS The study was conducted on patients less than fifteen years age, presenting with penetrating ocular injuries and associated with endophthalmitis. Anterior segment slit lamp examination and if possible posterior segment slit lamp(More)
We present the case of a patient with a history of asthma who developed cough and hemoptysis that were unresponsive to antituberculous therapy. Chest roentgenography demonstrated right-sided collapse with consolidation and a pleural effusion. Bronchial biopsy revealed fungal hyphae, and cultures later yielded Bipolaris spicifera. In addition, weight loss(More)
The genetic basis of heterosis was studied through mid-parent, standard variety and better parent for 11 quantitative traits in 17 parental lines and their 10 selected hybrids in rice (Oryza sativa L.). The characters were plant height, days to flag leaf initiation, days to first panicle initiation, days to 100% flowering, panicle length, flag leaf length,(More)
It is extremely rare to find a case of primary sinonasal mucosal melanoma, which is more aggressive and have poorer outcome than its cutaneous counterpart. This tumour is refractory to the treatment which includes wide surgical excision with or without adjuvant postoperative radiotherapy. We are reporting a case of 60 year old female who presented with(More)
In recent years, we realize the usefulness of feature extraction for optical correlator and hereby, we investigate the capability of Laplace operator in feature extraction of multiple targets. The first-order terms and the false alarm terms in the correlation output would be removed using electronic power spectrum subtraction technique. Most importantly,(More)
Two compounds, 3-hydroxy-3-acetonyl-oxindole (I) and compound 3-acetonylidene-oxindole (II) were synthesized by a convenient method, and their pharmacological/toxicological effects were studied in rabbit. These compounds produced transitory effects on serum enzymes. The cholesterol mobilizing effect is more prominent with compound (I).
External optical feedback sensitivity is analyzed for a quarter-wave-shifted, index-coupled, distributed-feedback semiconductor laser with asymmetries in reflectivity of facets and in the position of a lambda/4 phase shift. Proper asymmetric structures can withstand higher levels of external optical feedback compared with symmetric structures. However, the(More)
INTRODUCTION Hydatid disease caused by larval stage of Echinococcus has been recognized endemically in many countries. Liver and lungs are the most commonly affected organs. Involvement of the head and neck region is rare and bony erosion due to hydatidosis is even rarer. CASE REPORT We report a case of a 17-year-old girl from a poor socio-economic(More)
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