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A retrospective study of 49 men with proven fertility and 396 suspected infertile men was conducted with the primary objective of investigating the relationship between the nuclear maturity of sperm and male fertility. Acidic aniline blue staining was used to detect chromatin defects of sperm nuclei related to their nucleoprotein content as associated with(More)
To evaluate the impact of dosimetry based on MAA SPECT/CT for the prediction of response, toxicity and survival, and for treatment planning in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) treated with 90Y-loaded glass microspheres (TheraSphere®). TheraSphere® was administered to 71 patients with inoperable HCC. MAA SPECT/CT quantitative analysis was used(More)
Four Holstein cows with ruminal and duodenal cannulas were assigned to a 4 x 4 Latin square at each of four stages of lactation (peak, wk 4; early, wk 8 to 12; mid, wk 17 to 21; and late, wk 27 to 31). Treatments were duodenal infusions of 1) Met, 2) Lys, 3) Met plus Lys, and 4) casein; periods were 7 to 10 d. Quantities of DL-Met, L-Lys, and casein infused(More)
In this study, Astronotus ocellatus were fed with food supplemented with Dunaliella salina (a natural β-carotene source) or astaxanthin (synthetic pigment), and their effects on fish skin carotenoids, growth indices and immune responses were evaluated. 135 A. ocellatus, weighing 25.6 ± 0.6 g, were randomly divided into three groups with three replicates (15(More)
A 4 X 4 Latin square design with an extra period was used to determine the influence of different levels of valine (Val) on the nitrogen metabolism of sheep receiving all nutrients by infusion. Glucose, amino acids and water-soluble vitamins were introduced in the jugular vein while inorganic nutrients and volatile fatty acids were given intraruminally. The(More)
In this study, the effects of oral administration of different levels of Dunaliella salina (a natural β-carotene source) on growth parameters, immunological and hematological indices, as well as skin carotenoids, of Heros severus were investigated. One hundred and eighty H. severus weighing 27 ± 0.5 g were divided randomly into four groups in triplicate (15(More)
Recent theories about migraine pathogenesis have emphatized the role of the trigeminal system in the pathogenesis of migraine attacks. The local vasodilatation of intracranial extracerebral blood vessels and the consequent stimulation of surrounding trigeminal sensory nerve pain pathways are proposed to be the key mechanisms underlying the generation of(More)
Skeletal deformities have been reported in several species of both cultured and wild fish, and many of these deformities can be associated with a variety of biotic and abiotic factors. This study characterized bone deformities in adult Barbus grypus fish and investigated potential associations between some agent(s) and these deformities by using a series of(More)
The grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) is a herbivorous, freshwater fish species of the family Cyprinidae, and the only species of the genus Ctenopharyngodon. Neoplasms in fishes are generally less aggressive than neoplasms in mammals and are most commonly discrete, focal and benign neoplasms. A 3-year-old grass carp with a big mass on the vertebrae was(More)