Mehrnoosh Ostovar

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The κ receptor antagonists have potential for treating neuropsychiatric disorders. We have investigated the in vivo pharmacology of a novel buprenorphine analogue, BU10119, for(More)
The chiral sulfide, isothiocineole, has been synthesized in one step from elemental sulfur, γ-terpinene, and limonene in 61% yield. A mechanism involving radical intermediates for this reaction is(More)
route to vinyl epoxides and vinyl aziridines via chiral sulfur ylides, we were keen to develop their potential in synthesis further. It had been reported that palladium-catalyzed reactions of vinyl(More)
Herein a new double O-directed free radical hydrostannation reaction is reported on the structurally complex dialkyldiyne 11. Through our use of a conformation-restraining acetal to help prevent(More)
Buprenorphine is a successful analgesic and treatment for opioid abuse, with both activities relying on its partial agonist activity at mu opioid receptors. However, there is substantial interest in(More)
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