Mehrnoosh Monshizadeh

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Data mining is the process that extracts, classifies and analyzes valid and useful information from large volumes of data provided by multiple sources. The data mining has been widely applied into various areas, one of which is to investigate potential security threats. In the literature, various data mining techniques such as classification and clustering(More)
Cloud computing has got attention of telecommunications operators as a potential cost saver, because it enables sharing computing resources within network infrastructure and between operators. The concept of Telecommunications network as a Service (TaaS) has been proposed as a renovation direction of mobile operators. However, information security which is(More)
Cloud computing offers benefits of sharing computing and network resources among multiple mobile network operators. To utilize such benefits, in earlier paper we proposed a platform called telecommunication network as a service (TaaS). Sharing of such resources in cloud technology affects security of whole mobile network in general and software defined(More)
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