Mehrnoosh Asadi

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i P is closed, nonempty, and P / {0}, ii a, b ∈ R, a, b ≥ 0, and x, y ∈ P imply that ax by ∈ P, iii x ∈ P and −x ∈ P imply that x 0. The space E can be partially ordered by the cone P ⊂ E; by defining, x ≤ y if and only if y − x ∈ P . Also, we write x y if y − x ∈ int P , where int P denotes the interior of P . A cone P is called normal if there exists a(More)
In this paper an adaptive control approach is investigated for completely non-affine pure-feedback systems with linear parameterization. In this approach, the idea of positive function of linearly connected parameters is coupled effectively with combination of backstepping and time scale separation. Subsequently, a fast dynamical equation is derived from(More)
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