Mehrnaz Khodam Hazrati

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BACKGROUND Bioluminescence is a process in which light is emitted by a living organism. Most creatures that emit light are sea creatures, but some insects, plants, fungi etc, also emit light. The biotechnological application of bioluminescence has become routine and is considered essential for many medical and general technological advances. Identification(More)
Many behavioral and cognitive processes are grounded in widespread and dynamic communication between brain regions. Thus, the quantification of functional connectivity with high temporal resolution is highly desirable for capturing in vivo brain function. However, many of the commonly used measures of functional connectivity capture only linear signal(More)
The paper concerns the problem of automatic seizure detection based on scalp EEG and proposes to employ the generalized measure of association (GMA) to quantify the statistical dependencies and infer the dynamical interactions of brain regions with the focus area. The experimental results with clinical recordings show that the estimated GMA values changes(More)
—In this paper we propose a new statistical concept called directed generalized measure of association (dGMA) to quantify the amount of association transferred between subsystems in a system evolving in time. This paper is an improvement of the previously established method called generalized measure of association on time series (tGMA) by taking the(More)
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