Mehreen Latif

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Nine compounds have been isolated for the first time from Celtis africana, namely trans-N-coumaroyltyramine (1), trans-N-feruloyltyramine (2), trans-N-caffeoyltyramine (3), lauric acid (4), oleic acid (5), palmitic acid (6), lupeol (7), β-sitosterol (8) and oleanolic acid (9), respectively. Their structures have been elucidated by different spectroscopic(More)
The objective of this study was to synthesize potent and/or novel inhibitors for α-chymotrypsin activity. Eighteen derivatives of N-methylphenyl-N′-(alkyl/aryl) urea (1–18) were synthesized, and their inhibitory effects on α-chymotrypsin enzyme were evaluated. Two compounds exhibited potent inhibitory activities. The most potent,(More)
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