Mehreen Afzal

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) due to their distributed nature are vulnerable to various external and insider attacks. Classic cryptographic measures do protect against external attacks to some extent but they fail to defend against insider attacks involving node compromise. A compromised node can be used to launch various attacks of which Sybil Attack is(More)
This paper proposes a compact design of SMS4 S-box using combinational logic which is suitable for the implementation in area constraint environments like smart cards. The inversion algorithm of the proposed S-box is based on composite field GF(((2))) using normal basis at all levels. In our approach, we examined all possible normal basis combinations(More)
Bio-Mechatronics is the field that deals with passive and active prosthetic limb design. The passive conventional prosthesis carries constant mechanical properties so that the motion of joints motion is not similar to that of humans while the active type prosthesis more realistically represents human motion. The latter is however, more expensive than(More)
Substitution box (S-box) is generally the only non-linear component of block cipher. That is why; security of a cipher is centralized on the characteristics of an S-box, which are measure of its resistance against different cryptanalytic techniques. In this regard, it is important to investigate the new designs of S-boxes for these characteristics. In this(More)
This paper scrutinizes the structure of jump-controlled LFSRs for resistance against generalized correlation attack based upon Constrained Levenshtein Distance(CLD) measure. It proves that for a given number of cipher text bits, CLD computation is independent of Jump index. However, based upon the inherent relation between the jump index and deletion rate,(More)