Mehrdad Tarafdar Haque

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This paper presents a novel solution based on the group search optimizer (GSO) methodology in order to determine the feasible optimal solution of the economic dispatch (ED) problem considering valve loading effects. The basic disadvantage of the original GSO algorithm is the fact that it gives a nearccepted 7 October 2011 eywords: conomic dispatch on-convex(More)
Improving the reactive power and voltage profile of a distribution substation is investigated in this paper. The purpose is to properly determination of the shunt capacitors on/off status and suitable tap changer (TC) position of a substation transformer. In addition, the limitation of secondary bus voltage, the maximum allowable number of switching(More)
Application of neural networks in execution of programmed pulse width modulation (PPWM) of a voltage source inverter (VSI) is studied in this paper. Using the proposed method it is possible to cancel out the desired harmonics in output of VSI in addition to control the magnitude of fundamental harmonic, contineously. By checking the non-trained values and a(More)
This paper first presents a simple control technique for active filters to compensate current harmonics and reactive power of nonlinear loads. This method is usable for both single –phase and three –phase systems. Then a new method for load balancing and reactive power compensation for unbalanced sinusoidal load currents is presented. Finally by combination(More)
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