Mehrdad Shariat

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Organophosphate (OP) compounds have been used as pesticides and in chemical warfare (nerve agents). Two nerve agents, tabun and sarine, were used by the Iraqi army against Iranian troops and innocent people. Hundreds of the exposed combatants died in the field. Atropine sulphate has been used successfully in large doses to counteract the muscarinic effects(More)
This letter proposes a novel graph-based multi-cell scheduling framework to efficiently mitigate downlink inter-cell interference in small cell OFDMA networks. This framework incorporates dynamic clustering combined with channel-aware resource allocation to provide tunable quality of service measures at different levels. Our extensive evaluation study shows(More)
This paper addresses the problem of joint backhaul and access links optimization in dense small cell networks with special focus on time division duplexing (TDD) mode of operation in backhaul and access links transmission. Here, we propose a framework for joint radio resource management where we systematically decompose the problem in backhaul and access(More)
BACKGROUND Post-radiation large vessel injury has not received as much attention as microvascular irradiation injury. A few studies have shown that common carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) is increased after radiotherapy to the head and neck. However, in most of these studies, the irradiated subjects also had other major risk factors for atherosclerosis.(More)
This paper proposes a dynamic semi-centralized resource partitioning algorithm to mitigate the problem of co-tier interference in dense femtocell deployments. This algorithm incorporates graph-colouring and network utility concepts to address inter-cell interference in femtocell networks. The aforementioned scheme acts as a multi-cell coordination mechanism(More)
This paper proposes a novel graph-basedmulticell scheduling framework to efficiently mitigate downlink intercell interference in OFDMA-based small cell networks.We define a graph-based optimization framework based on interference condition between any two users in the network assuming they are served on similar resources. Furthermore, we prove that the(More)