Mehrdad Niknami

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This paper describes an open-source simulator for cyber-physical systems called CyPhySim that is based on Ptolemy II. This simulator supports classical (Runge-Kutta) and quantized-state simulation of ordinary differential equations, modal models (hybrid systems), discrete-event models, the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) for model-exchange and(More)
We present a new technique for fast computation of the route that maximizes the probability of on-time arrival in stochastic networks, also known as the path-based stochastic on-time arrival (SOTA) problem. We utilize the solution to the policy-based SOTA problem, which is of pseudopolynomial time complexity in the time budget of the journey, as a heuristic(More)
Machine learning applications are increasingly deployed not only to serve predictions using static models, but also as tightly-integrated components of feedback loops involving dynamic, real-time decision making. These applications pose a new set of requirements, none of which are difficult to achieve in isolation, but the combination of which creates a(More)
Web browsers are one of the most important enduser applications to browse, retrieve, and present Internet resources. Malicious or compromised resources may endanger Web users by hijacking web browsers to execute arbitrary malicious code in the victims' systems. Unfortunately, the widely-adopted Just-In-Time compilation (JIT) optimization technique, which(More)
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