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Cold stress is an important factor affecting chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) plants in winter and early spring. We evaluated the effects of cold stress by measuring lipid peroxidation, membrane permeability, and some enzyme activities involved in the ROS-scavenging system under acclimation and non-acclimation conditions in black chickpea Kaka, a popular(More)
Water content of carrot during cold storage is frequently determined using laborious and time consuming laboratory tests. However, it is possible to develop a model which uses easily available quality characteristics of carrot. In this study, one linear regression model for predicting carrot water content (WC) based on carrot brix (BX) was suggested. Paired(More)
In this research, we consider production/inventory management decisions of a firm that sells its product in two market segments during a finite planning horizon. In the beginning of each period, the firm makes a decision on how much to produce based on the production capacity and the current on-hand inventory available. After the production is made at the(More)
The North-South Institute is a charitable corporation established in 1976 to provide professional, policy-relevant research on relations between industrialized and developing countries. The Institute is independent and cooperates with a wide range of Canadian and international organizations working in related activities. The contents of this study represent(More)
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