Mehrdad Moallem

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Needle insertion in soft tissue has attracted considerable attention in recent years due to its application in minimally invasive percutaneous procedures such as biopsies and brachytherapy. This paper presents a survey of the current state of research on needle insertion in soft tissue. It examines the topic from several aspects, e.g. modeling needle(More)
Conventional endoscopic surgery has some drawbacks that can be addressed by using robots. The robotic systems used for surgery are still in their infancy. A major deficiency is the lack of haptic feedback to the surgeon. In this paper, the benefits of haptic feedback in robot-assisted surgery are discussed. A novel robotic end-effector is then described(More)
In master-slave teleoperation applications that deal with a delicate and sensitive environment, it is important to provide haptic feedback of slave/environment interactions to the user's hand as it improves task performance and teleoperation transparency (fidelity), which is the extent of telepresence of the remote environment available to the user through(More)
Most conventional motion planning algorithms that are based on the model of the environment cannot perform well when dealing with the navigation problem for real-world mobile robots where the environment is unknown and can change dynamically. In this paper, a layered goal-oriented motion planning strategy using fuzzy logic is developed for a mobile robot(More)
Haptic feedback has the potential to provide superior performance in computer-integrated surgery and training. This paper discusses the design of a user interface that is capable of providing force feedback in all the degrees of freedom (DOFs) available during endoscopic surgery. Using the Jacobian matrix of the haptic interface and its singular values,(More)
There has been a tremendous growth in the use of modern embedded computers in control and other applications in the past few years. While courses offered in the electrical and computer engineering disciplines cover such topics as microprocessors, digital and analog hardware, control theory, and programming languages, there exist few courses that focus on(More)
Accurate needle insertion into soft, inhomogeneous tissue is of practical interest because of its importance in percutaneous therapies. In procedures that involve multiple needle insertions such as transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate brachytherapy, it is important to reduce tissue deformation before puncture and during needle insertion. In order to(More)
Bilateral master-slave teleoperation, in addition to requiring a haptics-capable master interface, often requires one or more force sensors, which increases the cost and complexity of the system particularly for robot-assisted surgery. In this paper, we investigate the benefits of using force sensors that measure hand/master and slave/environment(More)