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The SASL project at the University of the Western Cape is in the process of creating a machine translation system on mobile phones that can automate the translation process between English and South African Sign Language (SASL). This will supplement the use of highly trained interpreters that are expensive and scarce. In order to do this it is necessary to(More)
The research presented in this paper proposes an approach to recognizing facial expressions in the presence of rotations and partial occlusions of the face. The research is in the context of automatic machine translation of South African Sign Language (SASL) to English. The proposed method achieved a high average recognition accuracy of 85% for frontal(More)
The South African Sign Language research group at the University of the Western Cape has created several systems to recognize Sign Language gestures using single parameters. Research has shown that five parameters are required to recognize any sign language gesture: hand shape, location, orientation and motion, as well as facial expressions. Using a single(More)
A machine translation system that can convert South African Sign Language video to English audio or text and vice versa in real-time would be immensely beneficial to the Deaf and hard of hearing. Sign language gestures are characterised and expressed by five distinct parameters: hand location; hand orientation; hand shape; hand movement and facial(More)
Skin detection in computer vision is the basis of many novel human-computer interface applications. The goal of skin detection is to accurately highlight skin pixels in an input image, while discarding all non-skin pixels. This makes it possible to accurately locate regions pertaining to a user in an input frame. A number of approaches to skin detection(More)
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