Mehrdad Ghaemi

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The rate-limiting step of some enzymatic reactions is a physical step, i.e. diffusion. The efficiency of such reactions can be improved through an increase in the arrival rate of the substrate molecules, e.g. by a directed passage of substrate (ligand) to active site after its random encounter with the enzyme surface. Herein, we introduce a cellular(More)
The critical points of the two-layer Ising and Potts models for square lattice have been calculated with high precision using probabilistic cellular automata (PCA) with Glauber alghorithm. The critical temperature is calculated for the isotropic and symmetric case (K x =K y =K z =K), where K x and K y are the nearest-neighbor interactions within each layer(More)
Reciprocal substitutions for all chromosomes between the hard red winter wheat cultivars Wichita and Cheyenne were used to investigate the effects of individual chromosomes, as well as their interactions with the genetic background, on androgenesis. Duplicate lines for each chromosome were included to check background homogeneity. Six experiments, two for(More)
A finite-size scaling approach based on the transfer matrix method is developed to calculate the critical temperature and critical exponent of the symmetric and the asymmetric two-layer three-state Potts models. For similar intralayer interactions our calculation of the shift exponent phi confirm some scaling arguments which predict phi = gamma, where gamma(More)
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