Mehraj Ali

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Terrestrial wireless network technologies such as UMTS, WiMax and WLAN are used to provide network access for both voice and data services. In big cities the densely populated areas like town centres, shopping centres and train stations which have coverage of multiple wireless networks, a large number of mobile users may be connected to the more common(More)
Cloud computing is the one of the emerging techniques to process the big data. Cloud computing is also, known as service on demand. Large set or large volume of data is known as big data. Processing big data (MRI images and DICOM images) normally takes more time. Hard tasks such as handling big data can be solved by using the concepts of hadoop. Enhancing(More)
In the telecommunication networks the introduction of Next Generation Wireless Networks (NGWN) has been described as the most significant change in wireless communication. The convergence of different access networks in NGWN allows generalized mobility, consistency and ubiquitous provision of services to mobile users. The general target of NGWN is to(More)
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