Mehmet Zeytinoglu

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—In this paper, we study the peaky nature of wavelet coefficient distributions. The study shows that the wavelet coefficients cannot be effectively modeled by a single distribution. We then propose a new modeling scheme based on a Laplacian mixture model and apply it to the indexing and retrieval of image and video databases. In this work, the parameters of(More)
In this study, we propose a new spread spectrum audio wa-termarking algorithm that embeds linear chirps as watermark messages. Different chirp rates, i.e., slopes on the time-frequency (TF) plane, represent watermark messages such that each slope corresponds to a different message. We extract the watermark message using a line detection algorithm based on(More)
CO25 cells, a mouse myoblast line, contain multiple centrioles and primary cilia. A most unusual feature has been the finding of large numbers of separate structures in single cells-up to a maximum of nine centrioles, six primary cilia, and 12 of both organelles together. Aberrant multipolar spindles were occasionally seen containing variable numbers of(More)
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