Mehmet Vefa Bicakci

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In this paper, we introduce and discuss Foreground Trust. Foreground Trust, itself based on recent work in the area of Trust Enablement, is a paradigm for allowing devices in a human-device ecosystem the means to reason with and about trust in themselves, other devices, and humans, whilst allowing humans to make trusting decisions using their own internal(More)
Robots are becoming increasingly common in home, industrial and medical environments. Their end users may know what they want the robots to do but lack the required technical skills to program them. We present a case-based reasoning approach for training a control module that controls a multi-purpose robotic platform. The control module learns by observing(More)
With the increasing popularity of the cloud computing paradigm, data centers have become more important. Because current virtual machine live migration solutions require the live migration to take place within the same subnet without changing the IP address of the live migrated virtual machine, large Layer 2 networks are used in data centers, which creates(More)
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