Mehmet Ugras Cuma

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This paper presents the design of a hierarchical neuro-fuzzy current control scheme for a shunt active power filter compared with a single fuzzy controller scheme. A single fuzzy controller scheme is presented first and an ANFIS based neuro-fuzzy controller is connected hierarchically to the first one to improve the performance. Simulation results show that(More)
This paper proposes a new interline hybrid unified power quality conditioner (IHUPQC) structure to improve the power quality of distribution feeders and to decrease the power ratings/voltages and switching losses of voltage source converters (VSCs). The IHUPQC consists of dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), an isolated dc-dc converter and a shunt hybrid active(More)
In this paper, a new hybrid unified power quality conditioner (HUPQC) is proposed to improve current and voltage imperfections in distribution systems. The proposed HUPQC is comprised of the shunt hybrid active power filter (SHAPF), the dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) and the isolated bi-directional DC-DC converter. The main contribution of the study is a(More)
This paper presents a novel synchronous reference frame based (SRF) control strategy for shunt hybrid active power filter (SHAPF). The control strategy includes a direct current control (DCC) and an indirect current control (ICC) strategy. SHAPF can achieve harmonic compensation and dynamic reactive power compensation with the proposed controller. In this(More)
This study presents a new Sag Swell Generator (SSG) topology to generate several power quality problems such as sag, swell and interruption. In this paper, bridge type bidirectional switch based SSG is presented to generate different fault conditions. The main contribution of proposed topology is to provide low-cost and simple solution compared to(More)
This paper proposes the design and implementation of a high power full bridge bidirectional isolated DC-DC converter (BIDC) which comprises of two symmetrical voltage source converters and a high frequency transformer. In the proposed BIDC, a well-known PI controller based single phase-shift (SPS) modulation technique is used in order to achieve high power(More)
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