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Mg and Mg alloys are of interest for biodegradable implants as they readily corrode in biological fluids, and dissolved Mg ions are nontoxic. Even though it is well known that Mg dissolution leads to pH increase in the surroundings, the effect of the corrosion-induced alkalization on the biological environment has not been studied in detail. We therefore(More)
Milled Typha latifolia stalk mill was converted to liquid products by using organic solvents (methanol, ethanol, acetone and 2-butanol) with catalysts (10% NaOH or Na(2)CO(3)) and without catalyst in an autoclave at temperatures of 518, 538 and 558 K. The products were extracted by liquid-liquid extraction (benzene and diethyl ether). The percentage yields(More)
Schreiber meltability tests were performed on glass Petri dishes, with and without the Petri dish cover placed over the cheese samples, at 100, 150, and 232 degrees C. Meltability of different process cheese and Cheddar cheese samples was determined based on the melt spread distance and area. At the test temperature of 232 degrees C, the covered Schreiber(More)
Inherent disadvantages of conventional switched-capacitor converters (SCC) are their discrete conversion ratio and inefficient energy transfer. In order to soften these downsides, a step-down switched-capacitor quasi-resonant PWM converter is proposed. The operation modes and steady-state characteristics are described. Besides the theoretical analysis,(More)
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