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We study a bio-medical fluid flow simulation using the incompressible, laminar OpenFOAM flow solver icoFoam using iterative linear equation solver and direct solvers (kernel class) such as SuperLU_DIST 3.3 and SuperLU_MCDT (Many-Core Distributed) for the large penta-diagonal and hepta-diagonal matrices coming from the simulation of blood flow in arteries(More)
This paper focuses on the application level improvements in a sparse direct solver specifically used for large-scale unsymmetrical linear equations resulting from unstructured mesh discretization of coupled elliptic/hyperbolic PDEs. Existing sparse direct solvers are designed for distributed server systems taking advantage of both distributed memory and(More)
In this project, we propose a new hybrid algorithm for parameter optimization and implement it using MPI. In particular, we study a scalable parallel nonlinear parameter optimization algorithm with parameter pools for a nonlinear dynamical system called the asset flow differential equations (AFDEs) in  4. We generate time series pairs as proxy to market(More)
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