Mehmet Tufan Oz

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Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are vital components of the innate immune system of nearly all living organisms. They generally act in the first line of defense against various pathogenic bacteria, parasites, enveloped viruses and fungi. These low molecular mass peptides are considered prospective therapeutic agents due to their broad-spectrum rapid activity,(More)
NAC-type plant-specific transcription factor genes encode proteins that play important roles in abiotic stress responses, as well as regulation of plant development. In the current study, expression profiles of wheat NAC-type transcription factor genes, TaNAC69-1 and TtNAMB-2, were examined under drought, salt, cold, and heat stress conditions in wheat.(More)
Gene cloning and vector construction for plant genetic transformation are routine procedures in plant functional genomic studies. The availability of effective transformation vector is one of the pre-requisites for plant transformation studies. Here, we describe the construction of a series of transformation vectors through different genetic engineering(More)
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