Mehmet Tarik Atay

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In order to enhance heat transfer between primary surface and the environment, radiating extended surfaces are commonly utilized. Especially in the case of large temperature differences, variable thermal conductivity has a strong effect on performance of such a surface. In this paper, variational iteration method is used to analyze convective straight and(More)
Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM) is applied to find the critical buckling load of the Euler columns with continuous elastic restraints. HAM has been successfully applied to many linear and nonlinear, ordinary and partial, differential equations, integral equations, and difference equations. In this study, we presented the application of HAM to the critical(More)
The vibration problems of uniform and nonuniform Euler-Bernoulli beams have been solved analytically or approximately [1-5] for various end conditions. In order to calculate fundamental natural frequencies and related mode shapes, well known variational techniques such as Rayleigh_Ritz and Galerkin methods have been applied in the past. Besides these(More)
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