Mehmet T. Tumay

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This paper proposes a novel reference signal generation method for the unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) adopted to compensate current and voltage-quality problems of sensitive loads. The UPQC consists of a shunt and series converter having a common dc link. The shunt converter eliminates current harmonics originating from the nonlinear load side and(More)
Unified power flow controller (UPFC) is the most widely used FACTS device to control the power flow and to optimize the system stability in the transmission line. The controller used in the control mechanism has an important effect on the performance of UPFC. According to this, the performance of UPFC for several case studies was observed by using different(More)
Hybrid active power filter (HAPF) consisting of passive filter and active filter in various configurations to each other has now become preferred technology for harmonic compensation in two wire, three wire and four wire ac power networks with nonlinear loads. This paper presents a detailed survey of hybrid active power filters considering converter(More)
In this paper, a new control method for Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is described by combining fuzzy logic (FL) with a carrier modulated PWM inverter. The proposed control scheme is simple to design and has excellent voltage compensation capabilities. The proposed method for voltage sag/swell detection has the ability of detecting different kinds of power(More)
The increasing concern about the quality and reliability of electric power has increased in continued growth in the application of custom power (CP) devices. The integration of multiple CP devices in an industrial/commercial park is called as custom power park (CPP). The proposed park is superior to the conventional CPP because the park improves both the(More)
Recently, LCL filter which is commonly preferred in grid connected inverters has found its common usage in shunt active power filters. LCL filter can suppress the switching harmonic ripples effectively. However, it has resonance problem which results unstable system. The resonance problem can be solved with damping the resonance using passive damping(More)
Active Power Filter (APF) is an inverter based device that compensates the harmonic currents generated by nonlinear loads. Inverters release high frequency switching ripple harmonics. In early studies, APFs have been generally interfaced to the grid via a single L filter to reduce these harmonics. However, high order filters like LCL and LLCL filters have(More)
Use of multilevel inverters is becoming more popular in the recent years. Various topologies and modulation methods have been reported for utility and drive applications in the recent literature. Hybrid multilevel structures are the new multilevel inverter topologies where the cascaded series inverters have different internal DC bus voltages and/or(More)
In this paper, one of the known interline custom power devices named Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner (IUPQC) is improved for various power quality disturbances and modeled in PSCAD/EMTDC. The developed topology can be used for simultaneous compensation of voltage and current imperfections in a multibus/multifeeder system. The proposed IUPQC is(More)
With the development of power electronics, coreless induction melting furnaces can be produced in high power rating for steel scrap melting process. These high power coreless induction furnaces introduce many advantages in melting processes for low production rate steel mill and foundries. The power converter topology of high power coreless induction(More)