Mehmet Türker Bulut

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The aim of this prospective, randomised, double-blind study was to evaluate the efficacy of intramuscular (IM) tramadol 100 mg in emergency department treatment of acute migraine attack and to compare it with that of IM diclofenac sodium 75 mg. Forty patients who were admitted to our emergency department with acute migraine attack according to the(More)
Objective. The aim of this study was to determine, by plain radiography, if there is a relationship between sacralization and low back pain. Methods. Five hundred lumbosacral radiographs of low back pain patients and 500 control groups were examined. Data collection consisted of the subject's age at the time of imaging, gender, number of lumbar vertebral(More)
AIM To compare two different mini-incision surgical techniques for carpal tunnel surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 45 patients in Group 1 underwent carpal tunnel release through a 2-cm longitudinal incision made distal to the flexor crease, whereas the 45 patients in Group 2 underwent carpal tunnel release through a 2-cm longitudinal incision made(More)
Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) was first described by Stevens and Johnson in 1922. It is an acute mucocutaneous hypersensitivity reaction, involving skin and mucous membranes. This is a rare but life-threatening syndrome. The use of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, penicillin, antimalarials, sulphonamides, and anticonvulsants are common etiologic(More)
It is widely accepted that there are degenerative changes and decreased spermatogenesis in the contralateral descended testis (CDT) in unilateral undescended testis (UUDT). While some investigators have postulated that the mechanism may be related to primary (congenital) or secondary (autoimmune, vascular, and neural) events, the exact mechanism of the(More)
The goal of rectal cancer treatment is to minimize the local recurrence rate and extend the disease-free survival period and survival. For this aim, obtainment of negative circumferential radial margin (CRM) plays an important role. This study evaluated predictive factors for positive CRM status and its effect on patient survival in mid- and distal rectal(More)
INTRODUCTION Injuries that develop secondary to minor traumas and cannot be detected via direct examination methods, but are detected via advanced imaging methods, such as magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, are called occult bone injuries or bone bruises. In such injuries, diagnostic arthroscopy usually does not reveal any pathology. MR imaging methods are(More)
BACKGROUND There is no consensus on the treatment of developmental dysplasia of the hip in children less than 24 months of age. The aim of this study was to present the results of open reduction and concomitant primary soft-tissue intervention in patients with developmental dysplasia of the hip in children less than 24 months of age. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
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