Mehmet Suleyman Unluturk

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Patients use nurse call systems to signal nurses for medical help. Traditional push button-flashing lamp call systems are not integrated with other hospital automation systems. Therefore, nurse response time becomes a matter of personal discretion. The improvement obtained by integrating a pager system into the nurse call systems does not increase care(More)
Patient delivery time is no longer considered as the only critical factor, in ambulatory services. Presently, five clinical performance indicators are used to decide patient satisfaction. Unfortunately, the emergency ambulance services in rapidly growing metropolitan areas do not meet current satisfaction expectations; because of human errors in the(More)
Nurses are the backbone of hospitals. They are mobile all the time and they can be anywhere in the hospital. To improve the communication between nurses, publicly visible displays such as manual whiteboards are heavily used in the nursing units. However, HIPAA limits the information displayed in these public displays. In this paper, a software solution(More)
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