Mehmet Suleyman Unluturk

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Nurse call system is an electrically functioning system by which patients can call upon from a bedside station or from a duty station. An intermittent tone shall be heard and a corridor lamp located outside the room starts blinking with a slow or a faster rate depending on the call origination. It is essential to alert nurses on time so that they can offer(More)
Nurses are the foundation of any healthcare system. It is essential to alert nurses on time so that they can offer care and comfort without any delay. Pager messages (short messages) represent an important part of the overall hospital communication network. These short messages are sent through data paging systems to direct nurses to patients. Telocator(More)
Effective communication is the most important part of any healthcare organization. For many years, hospital nurse call solutions had been stand-alone systems with occasional integration to pocket paging for outputting patient call alerts to mobile staff. In the late 1990’s, technology enabled in-building wireless phones to supplement or replace paging(More)
The efficiency of UV-C irradiation as a non-thermal pasteurization process for liquid egg white (LEW) was investigated. LEW inoculated with Escherichia coli K-12 (ATCC 25253), pathogenic strain of Escherichia coli O157:H7 (NCTC12900) and Listeria innocua (NRRL B33314) were treated with UV light using a bench top collimated beam apparatus. Inoculated LEW(More)
Speech and emotion recognition improve the quality of human computer interaction and allow easier to use interfaces for every level of user in software applications. In this study, we have developed two different neural networks called emotion recognition neural network (ERNN) and Gram-Charlier emotion recognition neural network (GERNN) to classify the(More)
Hospital staff assignments are the instructions that allocate the hospital staff members to the hospital beds. Currently, hospital administrators make the assignments without accessing the information regarding the occupancy of the hospital beds and the acuity of the patient. As a result, administrators cannot distinguish between occupied and unoccupied(More)
Nurses are the backbone of hospitals. They are mobile all the time and they can be anywhere in the hospital. To improve the communication between nurses, publicly visible displays such as manual whiteboards are heavily used in the nursing units. However, HIPAA limits the information displayed in these public displays. In this paper, a software solution(More)