Mehmet S Binnet

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Heat stress may contribute to decreased match performance when football is played in extreme heat. This study evaluated activity patterns and thermal responses of players during soccer matches played in different environmental conditions. Non-acclimatized soccer players (n=11, 20±2 years) played two matches in conditions of moderate heat (MH) and high heat(More)
We investigated the cognitive effects of exercising in the heat on the field players of two football teams in a series of three matches. Different rehydration and cooling strategies were used for one of the teams during the last two games. Cognitive functions were measured before, during and immediately after each football match, as well as core(More)
Dehydration and hyperthermia both, if sufficiently severe, will impair exercise performance. Dehydration can also impair performance of tasks requiring cognition and skill. Body temperature may exceed 40 °C in competitive games played in hot weather, but limited data are available. Football played in the heat, therefore, poses a challenge, and effects on(More)
Neurovascular injury may occur during ankle arthroscopy. The majority of complications are neurological injuries; however, vascular injuries do exist. Neurovascular structures are especially vulnerable during portal placement and debridement of anterior structures. Routine anteromedial and anterolateral portals are generally accepted to be safe; this is(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the site of pudendal nerve compression and the relation between traction force and abduction angle regarding pressure levels at setup for hip arthroscopy. METHODS A total of 17 hips from 9 fresh-frozen cadavers (6 male and 3 female cadavers) were used. The pudendal nerves were dissected, and 3 FlexiForce force sensors (Tekscan,(More)
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